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Top 10 – Screenwriter’s World Conference West

Top Ten Things you can only do at Screenwriter’s World Conference West

Anyone remember during our phone calls one of the sage pieces of advice I was given back when?

There are three things you need to make it in the entertainment industry:  Skill, Talent and Connections.  And you can forget the first two.

Yes, it’s a funny line.  But it holds truth too.  No matter how much talent and skill you have, without connections, you might have to be satisfied with your only audience consisting of Aunt Thelma and Uncle Morrie.

So it’s about getting yourself out there and networking.  In a perfect world, producers would reach out to us like telemarketers.  But in reality, it’s the other way around.  And if you don’t live in LA or New York, the chances of just randomly bumping into one aren’t highly likely.  But there are ways to do it.  Attend local film fests.  Work local film and tv shoots.  Virtually network.  And if you have the ability, attending events like this will be a major upgrade in your contact book.

Screenwriter’s World Conference West is one of the biggies.  It’s a pitch fest.  It’s a seminar.  It’s a working lab.  It’s a networking event.  It’s great.  And in the heart of networking central, Century City.  You’re across the street from CAA and ICM is around the corner.  Fox is just down the street.  Heck, you can see Nakatomi Plaza from the front of the hotel.

And there’s a bonus VIP package being offered for free if you sign up by August 30th.  Check it out!


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