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Index Cards – To tech or not to tech


Someone emailed me index card advice the other day.  He was raving about how he gave up index cards and now uses Excel spreadsheets instead.  That way he doesn’t need to move dozens of index cards around and around.  He was so enthused about it, I didn’t have the heart to diminish his glory with a welcome to the 21st century introduction to index card software.

Outlining (Index card) software has been around for years in one form or another.  Dramatica alone is now over twenty years old.  Since then, more literal index card software like Scrivener and Index Card have come about.  But since personally I’m an Android/PC guy, I could get CardBoard Index Cards or Scrivener for Windows

Note I said COULD.  Call me old school but I’m all about the cards.  Those tangible-hole-em-in-your-hands-and-crumple-em-up-and-heave-em-against-the-wall-when-the-scene-just-doesn’t-work index cards.

And I’m not alone.  The Writer’s Store even sells em (when available).  And you all hear me go on and on about The Black List.  Well they just put up a great article about Index Cards.

Personally, I’ve always gone with color coded cards on a wall before I pull up Fade In on my tablet or phone to write it and eventually transfer it to Final Draft for rewriting and finalizing.

And now this guy just introduced me in five fun minutes to the way I’m gonna index my next script.  Actually, the one I’m 42 pages into too!  Check it out… even if it’s so hot in there.


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