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10 Screenwriting Tips You Can Learn From Goodfellas!


A grad asked me to list my five favorite scripts.  That is a much much much harder question to be able to answer than five favorite films because gauging a script is much more dense than just watching a film.  The film is the finished product.  We base our opinion on that and that alone.  A script isn’t as easy to nail down.  Not only could there be dozens of versions written, but the finished product could be totally different.  Truman Show, anyone?

With that said, I threw out more of the masters of writing and their works.  Kaufman, Tarantino, Niccol, Goldman, The Coens and the list goes on.  One dynamic duo was Pileggi and Scorsese.  And Goodfellas.  Need I say more?

Well, in seeking out a copy online of the script, I came across this great article about lessons you can learn from the film.   A good quick read.  And then after you read it, if curious, check out the script too.


1 thought on “10 Screenwriting Tips You Can Learn From Goodfellas!”

  1. Goodfellas was a great script, but so were Scarface and The Godfather. One of my all-time favorite scripts is Schindler’s List. It’s so clear you can smell the sweat of the era.

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