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Improvising Screenplays: Make the Most of Screenwriting Feedback and Find a Mentor – Using the Power of “Yes-And!”

yes_logoOk ok, I know you must think I might be pushing some guru womby-pomby stuff like Yes, Man with Jim Carrey.  FYI, the actual book that flick’s based on is incredible and so much better.

But this article is a necessary read.  If you’ve done Improv, this isn’t anything new to you.  The Yes-and is as important to networking as a firm handshake or a smile on your face.  It shows contribution to a conversation as well as opening it up for more from everyone else.

How you get along with people is as integral if not more than your talent and skill.  In entertainment, folks hire people they want to be around.  They have that luxury unlike many other industries.  So it’s as much about how others feel about you as if you qualify for the job.  And how do folks know how they feel about you…?  Networking.

Entertainment is a social industry and how you work a room can very well decide what room there is for you to work.  Ech, that was a tacky cliche.  Eh, just read the article.


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