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Notes from the Margins: The Dollar Option – Another Viewpoint

freeA week ago, I posted this writer’s advice on the free or $1 options.  He made a lot of valid points.  But now comes another article that is just as good about making the counterpoint.

Though I like to keep an advisory impartiality when it comes to opinions on subjects like these, I tend to favor this opinion more than than the previous post due to personal factors.

For one, I’ve done free options and though they did not lead to pickups it did lead to greater opportunities with the producers I worked with.  They knew and now respected my work, not to mention the growth it brought to my network.

For another, I was on the other end of the coin where I reached out for dollar options when I first started my production company.  And you’d be surprised the level of talent that was willing to afford me three or six months to work my magic.  Career authors.  Script doctors.  Established talent.  They knew the scripts or books I was optioning had run their course and were just happy that someone showed the passion to give it another go around.

Guess what:  they all found success to a greater or lesser extent from them.  Greater when Studios rallied behind a project… and even the lesser because it put them back on the studios radars.  And some of these projects not only had a strong first run at the studios, they had major talent attached too.  Which should give writers hope since many who are lucky enough to get their scripts put through the rounds usually don’t get a bite initially.  But as long as you are open to those that are willing to give it another shot, there is always more hope.

Check out the article.  Good knowledge to have.


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