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Breaking in Outside of Hollywood Webinar

breaking-in-outside-of-hollywood_mediumIt’s networking day here at CDCW!

I normally don’t post webinars but I thought this one would be of particular interest to the majority of you.  As I’ve said in our interviews, attaining a screenwriting career without living in Los Angeles will be an uphill battle.  But not impossible.  It just requires working harder and working smarter.  Ingenuity must be there.  Even in LA, the more ingenious you can be, the more chance you have to stick out and attain notice.

This webinar is recorded so there won’t be any interaction though Jeanne is a very open individual who likely should welcome questions emailed to her after you’ve viewed it.  As editor of Script Magazine as well as writing the great Balls of Steel column, she’s inside and worth hearing from.


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