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Publishing Is Broken, We’re Drowning In Indie Books – And That’s A Good Thing

Following up on yesterday’s article regarding self-publishing is this in depth essay regarding the current state of the publishing world.  It’s rather astute in gauging not only how we’ve gotten to where we currently are but also where publishing will be going.

My only personal hesitancy regarding self-publishing is that where this author sees publishing going will eventually reward self-publishers, but that is not now.  Early-adopters may be cutting edge but are not always rewarded as much as those who time their entry to the moment the market opens up fully to where they need to be.  Like jumping on a stock before it hits it’s low.  Yes, it will rebound as you predicted.  But if the purchase had been timed better you would see a decrease in the amount of time you waited for such a reward and, just as important, your profit margin would be greater.

There is a renaissance coming for writers.  This article foresees it.  Just make sure to be smart about when and how you make your entry.


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