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How to Ace Your Pitch: Helpful Tips for Screenwriters World Conference West

mad-menThough this article sounds very similar to the previous post, it’s actually much more in depth and worth reading.

While the previously posted article focused more on the plan before walking into the pitch or social gathering, this is more about in the moment.  How to work the room.

Basically, relax.  Take a deep breath.  And most importantly, have fun.

The article goes into much more detail but those three things above are core.  Remember, the entire industry, in the end, is one big game.  Play it as such.


3 thoughts on “How to Ace Your Pitch: Helpful Tips for Screenwriters World Conference West”

  1. Though there are some pitchfests outside of Los Angeles, the fact is: They are outside Los Angeles. So even though there are great pitchfests in Austin, Santa Fe and New York, you will not see the same amount of industry turnout simply because they are not local and require Los Angeles to travel to them.

    Yes, the Austin Film Festival and Screenwriter’s World Conference East are highly recommended events to attend. You can gain so much from them. But in regards to who you pitch to there, the quality and quantity could lag behind pitchfests in LA.

    If an agent, manager or producer is busy enough, they won’t have the time to devote to flying out to these events. But for them to give a few hours out of a single day to an event just down the street… do the math.

    I’m still a huge supporter of attending anything and everything you can as a writer because the environment alone is important to boost your confidence, your knowledge and your network. But if your budget only allows for one or two a year, LA is the place to do them when your goal is to network.

    Also remember there are plenty of online pitch options too from Virtual Pitchfest to PitchQ to the online Hollywood Pitch Festival and more.

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