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Pretend you’re Pixar

woddy-buzz-SMThe most successful production company in the history of cinema is Pixar.  Personally, I believe the reason why comes back to story.

Their scripts are tight and hit an emotional core every time.  Even the weakest (Cars) still deliver something relatable.  Even if it took twenty too many pages/minutes to end.

This article cuts to the core of what makes their scripts work.  Three general rules which are so true.  Heart.  Failure.  Organization.

I actually remember being riveted to the Charlie Rose interview with John Lasseter that this article is based after.  And as inspiring as the article is, the interview itself really hits you.  John Lasseter is so, forgive the pun, animated that you are so drawn into what he has to say.

It’s no surprise Pixar keeps getting it right with their films when you have such a pure and passionate leader as Lasseter.  Enjoy the article.


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