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Reel Story: If You Want A Screenwriting Agent, You Need To Read This

screenwriting-representationTruth is often not kind and this article is a prime example.

The title may deceive you because what this article really is about is rejection.  The fact that ninety nine out of one hundred times a reader can’t get through a script.  And it’s not because they’re tired.  It’s because the script doesn’t deserve a complete read.

Actually, most don’t make it past page ten.  Strike that, page one.  Yes, a reader knows there’s something wrong with a script within the first page.  Grammar.  Context.  Interest is lacking.  If you can’t hook a reader by the end of the first page, at least make sure they’re reading past it to give it a chance.

The other point this article makes is that you won’t  be getting an agent without help.  And that help is through your connections.  One in particular that not only has a connection to you but also has a respect for your work.  That is your in to an agent.  Or more importantly, your in to a producer.  Because if you have a producer interested, the agents will want you.  That is the path to success.  Putting the agent before the interested parties only leads to losing that agent as soon as your deal with them is up.

Check out this article as it will provide insight into the way you will truly get read and deserve to be read in the industry.


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