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Behind the Lines with DR: Don’t Be a Jerk – What Goes Around…

dont-be-a-jerkHere’s Doug Richardson’s other article that I noted works as a bookend to the prior article posted on here.

Still the lesson is be nice but in a more straightforward lesson about how your attitude can create a reputation and reputations are hard to shake.  Good or bad.

And guess what… no body gives you a reputation that you haven’t honestly earned in that business.  Some will try to change it.  Most will just try and ignore it.  But it’s the wise ones that hone it to their favor from the minute they make their first contact in the business.  And never stray from that path.

Insightful article about how a reputation can follow you and to never look down on anyone because you never know who you’re talking to.  And treating people with respect on the way up can keep you from going too far down.


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