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Behind the Lines with DR: What are Bad Films? From the Mouths of Babes

bad-filmsHere’s the first of what I consider bookend articles by Doug Richardson.

For twenty plus years, he’s consistently written in the industry.  Sure his IMDB only shows a half dozen credits, but remember that half those credits are on projects where he was the rewrite man instead of the original writer.  And for every credit you get writing where it was a rewrite, there are ten other projects you got paid to rewrite but will never get credit for.

I digress.

Doug’s a seasoned vet and he writes about another aspect of the industry you cannot overlook, the social aspect.  Yes, the same aspect you hear me repeatedly talking about.  You need to be savvy.  And hyper-aware/hyper-sensitive to every person you talk with.  Whether it’s the bagger at Bristol Farms or the exec at the Oscars.

Why?  Because you never know everything about them and who they’ve worked with or worked on.  Go ahead and be snarky.  Negativity seems to be a common thread in that industry.  But it’s the ones who keep a positive attitude that are spoken well of.

It’s just like your parents said to back when: If you don’t have anything nice to say… don’t say anything.

Trust me have I had moments when I wanted to lash out.  We premiered a new tv show in lavish style with a premier party and everything without having seen it since another partner in the company hoarded it as his pet project.  It… was… PAINFUL.  The acting, the dialogue, the direction, the editing, the script… all embarrassingly awful.  And we had to walk into the party afterwards with big smiles.  And tight lips.  Since we did have to say something to try and refocus the room, all night our go-to reply was: “How about those special effects?”

Lesson in this article: Be nice.  There is no reward for cutting others down.  But there can often be consequences.


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