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Meet the Reader: A Few Things We’d Really Like You to Stop Doing

akers-stamp-pic_mediumSay what you will about readers… everyone does at one point or another in their career.

But just about every writer has been in the position of reader, whether paid or not.  It requires blunt honesty.  And the more seasoned the reader, the more blunt honesty you’ll get.

Those stamps you see in the picture aren’t a joke.  Many readers I’ve known have ordered stamps for the more chronically repeated gaffes made by writers.  Personally, I’d often considered but never followed through on ordering a “Who?!” stamp.  Every time a writer  assigned dialogue or action to the wrong character because they took even less time investing personality into their characters than I’d even spent reading it, that stamp would’ve been such stress relief to apply with vigor.  Yes, every reader has their peeves.

So, want your script to make it to Fade Out for a reader?

Check this article out and you’ll be one step closer to getting on a readers good side.


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