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Are Your First 10 Pages Frighteningly Good?

FINAL DESTINATION 5Many people outside the industry can’t understand why there are so many Horror movies produced.

This article points out the profits but I always ask them if they liked The Godfather.  Or Raiders of the Lost Ark.  Or Spiderman.  And so on.  They always tend to say yes which leads me to explaining that none of those films may ever have existed if it weren’t for horror.  Why?  Because no other genre allows a novice filmmaker the opportunity to show how far their imagination can soar on such a shoestring budget.  Coppola.  Spielberg.  Raimi.  So many of our favorite filmmakers got their start in Horror.

As a reader and writer, we’re trained to know just how important our first page and first ten pages are to success.  And in Horror, it is even more true.  Not only do you have to get us involved in your heroes but, more importantly, you have to get us fearing your evil.

Read on… if you dare.  Mwah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ahhhhhhhhhhhh.


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