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Submissions Insanity # 6: Writing Rules – The Least You Can Do

bridesmaids_screenplay02-415x276And the perfect bookend to the prior article on script submission No no, oh no’s… the simple things: Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation.

Don’t think it’s just me getting peeved by scripts rife with such errors.  Just about any reader has their breaking point with them.

Some are forgiving for a while.  Then they realize something:  Pushing such a script up the ladder can hurt more than the writer’s reputation… it can hurt their own, as well.

Others won’t go past a page or two if they sense a trend.  They realize that if the first few pages have such errors, it’s not going to miraculously stop over the course of the script.

Yes, it’s hard to be an editor of one’s own work due to our familiarity with it.  But this article suggests a few ways you can overcome that .  So go out there and make sure you’ve dotted every i and crossed every t.



1 thought on “Submissions Insanity # 6: Writing Rules – The Least You Can Do”

  1. I’m a writer by trade and tend to edit until my eyes bleed. I found someone’s post of a social site offering her professional services in writing where she used the possessive “your” in place of “you are.” I politely referred her to “you’re” and explained why the contraction is necessary. Her response was coolly returned as so far she has received 6 positions from the article so it must not be so important.

    If one is not scrupulous of who they hire, they are wasting their money. What’s worse is that she was blatant when she shrugged her shoulders with her words, stating how unimportant it was to her. It’s disappointing this is acceptable to people in this line of work.

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