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Visual Mindscape: A Query Letter to Incite

query-lettersQuery letters, in general, have become a cliche of the cliche of Query letters.

They’re so far past being overdone.  The stage of them decreasing to the point of almost becoming novel when received has even expired.  So today people are revving back up with them thinking they’re being novel or unique.  In reality, they’re hitting the second wave of cliche.

Come to think of it, this might even be the 15th wave… or 23rd.  Who knows since query letters have been around since before I was born.

Point here is that no matter whether you’ve hit the zenith or nadir of the query letter cliche wave, your chances of success are still worse than bullseying Womp Rats in your T16.

But there’s always a chance.  So with that said, make sure your query letter really stands out.  This article should help.


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