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Ask the Expert – Writing (Not Overwriting) Description

blah_blah_blah-300x225Article.  Good.  Read.

Ok, ok.  I’m not going to conscientiously be that brief in description based on the article.  But this article does make a good point: Be brief BUT be effective.

If you are truly serious about writing, a MUST READ is Stephen King On Writing.  Eye opening, even for the most experienced writer.  And he does spend a good amount of time on descriptive writing.

For King, the greater importance on description lies with the surroundings rather than the characters.  And this is rather astute since characters should define themselves by their actions.  Locales and objects lack the ability to act as they are generally inert.  So consider this when you begin a new piece:  Allow the characters to define themselves.  It’s the inanimate objects and places that need our help.

Enjoy this brief descriptive article on being descriptive… to a point.


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