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The 2013 Black List has been announced!

the-black-listFirst gotta get this outta the way.  No, this has nothing to do with James Spader or NBC.

This has everything to do with screenwriting.

You’ve probably heard me praise this site either on here or during one of our conversations.

These yearly lists are proof.  You might be thinking, “Yeah, but all these scripts have representatives and been read by studios.”  And that’s true, but at one point many of these scripts were in the same position as yours.  Unrepresented, unread.  But what many of these writers did what submit their script on The Black List.  And after getting notice on it, were put in a position to become represented and read.

Check out Black Lists from years past.  You might recognize the titles.  And note that even these scripts took that many more years before getting made and released.

Ready for the list?


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