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Behind the Lines with DR: Will You Read My Script?

cary%20grant%20and%20dog%20tumblr_loo8wmm3Qt1qm9518o1_500Well, this image explains Dream Wife, The Pride and the Passion and Kiss Them For Me.  Canine’s make horrible script readers and even worse career advisors.  Why?  They like everything!

The article this image loosely associates with is about the age old conundrum: Getting somebody to read your script.  And while you know your script is the greatest thing since sliced bread, others may be less inclined to agree and even less inclined to find out.  Why?  Doug Richardson is pretty clearly about the why from a general industry perspective.

Remember, reading one’s script when you’re a part of the industry requires more than an hour or so.  It requires time to review and write notes.  To organize your thoughts concisely and, unfortunately more often than not, soften your initial criticism so the writer does perform harakiri right there in front of you.

Not to mention that, of course, agreeing to read someone’s work opens you up to a world of litigation nightmares.

Actually, Doug Richardson does a damn good job of explaining so read on.


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