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Secrets of the Entertainment Industry Gatekeepers

warner-bros-front-gate-300x286While searching through the best image to accompany this article, I came across this image of Gate 2 from Warner Brothers Studios.  It’s iconic and personally symbolic.  Growing up, I used to watch Pee Wee’s Big Adventure religiously and there’s that famous shot of when he first approaches the Warner gates.  How magical it looked.  And then he realizes he had to be crafty to get in there.

Years later, my first job would be at that very studio.  And the way I got myself in there for consideration in the first place truly required craftiness.  Out-thinking the guards.

Today, it takes much more than some craftiness.  After 9/11, every entertainment company upped their security.  I could no longer just walk in like I belonged there or wave a random badge at them too fast for them to read, it now took purpose.  You didn’t get in a gate without an appointment so it meant leaning heavy on connections inside the studios and studio offices.

But today, nobody can just walk into an office like a vaudeville act bursting into some talent manager’s office like a scene out of a movie from the 40’s.  “I tell ya, mistah beekman.  I’m the cat’s pajamas!”  “Kid, you got moxie.  Ya hired!”

So now, innovation is rewarded.  And it’s virtual.  Take these suggestions into consideration when game-planning your entertainment career.


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