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Writer’s Edge: The Best High Concept Idea Ever

shoppingBack in 1999, I’d ironically been intent on downplaying this incredible pitch due to it not only sharing the name but also the serial killer aspect of the Alan Moore series Top 10.  And they came out right on top of each other.  Of course, Canton already swiped it up in manuscript form a year earlier.  I mean, imagine trying to explain Moore’s awesome work and being met repeatedly with the same general question: “Wait, didn’t this sell to Warner last year?”  Arghhhhh.

Well, time heals all wounds.  And though I am still a geek who’d prefer a great graphic novel to pulp fiction, I have to admire the power of this logline.  It’s a great lesson for anyone trying to hone their pitches.  The power of this pitch is fantastic.  Not only is it original and witty, it also allows our own minds to explode wide with imagination of the world this simple pitch creates in our heads.

Dare you read this logline and allow your mind to be blown?


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