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Disney/ABC Writing Program Announces 2014 Participants

disneyabc2__140128174245-275x107Today, Disney chose eight talented writers for their amazing writing fellowship program.

As one of the “Big Six” apprenticeship/fellowship programs I’ve pointed out before, it affords up and coming writers the opportunity of entry into the cutthroat TV writing market.

Disney/ABC offers one of the richest chances as they hire these writers for a year as Disney/ABC staff for a generous starting salary.  Then over the course of the year, these writers jump from show to show learning the ropes of a room from the inside.  And at the end of the year, they are presented for consideration by the Disney/ABC programs for staffing on the upcoming season.

Here’s details on the winners.  And be sure to keep checking here during the year for when the next submission period begins.  Who knows… it could be you next.



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