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Three Tricks to Elevate Your Writing to the Studio Level

neil-patrick_00291495These three tips are golden.

No other way of stating it.  Master them and you’re already closer to readers hearts than most writers.

One saving grace of my otherwise lackluster writing career has been that I was never at a loss for readers appreciation when it came to my scripts.  They were thankful that they were A) not requiring hours of coverage and B) fast reads.  Initially, you probably won’t be in direct communication with a reader to garner A.  Nor would you want to!  Coverage, no matter how scathing, is crucial.  I want scathing.  Tear me apart so I can Six Million Dollar Man my bad boy.  Gentlemen, we can rebuild him. We have the technology. We have the capability… A aside, B can be attained and this article covers that in quick and straightforward fashion.  And that’s just the first trick.

Tricks 2 and 3 are also very worthy… and will explain NPH on a horse so read on.


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