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Are Copywriters just Authors in hiding?

EL_The-Bounty-Hunters-178x300Where we start our career is rarely, if ever, where we end it.

I’d recently sent out a lead in marketing and someone responded that they didn’t feel they were qualified since it was looking for people studying business, pr or marketing.

I want to make sure every writer understands that every business needs writers.  And if they only hired business majors, the world would be a mind-numbingly boring place to live.  Business thrives on your creative, original voices.  Without them, everything around us would look like the generic aisles you used to see in grocery stores back in the 80s.

So many of our greatest voices started in fields such as journalism and copywriting.  Rushdie, Patterson, Heller, Fitzgerald, Burroughs and so on.  Great film artists like Gilliam, Kasdan and Scott.  Not a bad list to be a part of.

After Elmore Leonard’s passing, Bruce McCall of The New Yorker reflected on his time as a copywriter.  This prompted the author of this article to expand on those thoughts about how marketing, pr and advertising can provide a safe haven for authors on their road to publishing or production.


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