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Do you dream in Pixar?

rendermanIf you’ve ever considered expanding your abilities beyond just writing out your ideas, this may be an opportunity you’ve been looking for.

Have you dreamed of making an animated film?  One to make Pixar take notice?

Well, now you can have access to Pixar’s own technology to animate your ideas… for free!

Yes, the next iteration of Pixar’s proprietary software, Renderman, is coming out in August and they will be making it available for free to Non-Commercial users.  So if you’ve every wanted to learn to use such software, this is the opportunity for you.  In fact, on their website you will also find Renderman University so you can learn as you play with your new technology.

It’s all here so click to sign up for the soon to be free software.  And don’t forget to attend Renderman University so you’re primed and ready when it becomes available for download.

Of course, you’ll need to have Maya first.  Remember that offers tutorials on Maya as well as any number of pieces of software that could benefit you professionally too.


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