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Get Your First Act Written! This Animated Video with Pixar’s Michael Arndt Shows You How

Michael-Arndt-224x116If anyone knows story and how to deliver one in a tight and sound format, it’s Pixar.  Yeah, they get just about everything right.  Except for Cars.  And Cars 2.  But my three year old can’t get enough of those two flicks so… Pixar is still golden.

Personally, my scripts have always found the third act wheezing to the finish.  Act one and two get everyone jazzed.   They’ll even call a lot of times in the middle of the read to say so.  Then radio silence.  Ok, maybe not that drastic.  But point made.

Michael Arndt, writer of Toy Story 3, speaks here about the first act and how often final acts fail far before due to a faulty first act.  And the Pixar method truly get’s it right.  He breaks down the steps using Toy Story, Finding Nemo & The Incredibles.

Honestly, these eight minutes have me ready to re-examine the first act of every script I’ve written so far.  Watch this and think about how you could tighten your own works.



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