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Final Draft Meetup & Q/A with Fight Club Screenwriter Jim Uhls

fight-club-soapHope some of you were able to make it to the June 9th meetup with screenwriter Scott Neustadter fresh off his film, The Fault In Our Stars, opening atop the box office.

Well, Final Draft is throwing out a bonus meetup.  This one’s in the valley next Thursday, June 19th.  And it’s with Jim Uhls who wrote one of the seminal films of the past 20 years, Fight Club.

Again, super envious of anyone who can and will attend.  This film’s dystopian statements about modern society have only become more and more prophetic.  When it came out, it was dismissed as anarchistic fantasy.  Yet when more deeply examined over time, it has become a harbinger of today.

Ok, I hear you.  Enough with the big words.  Gimme the deets.  Here they are:

Enjoy a drink and network with screenwriter Jim Uhls followed by a Q&A plus screening of his classic movie Fight Club in our first Valley Edition Meetup

Are you a screenwriter looking to network with other creatives and hang out with an acclaimed screenwriter? 

Join Final Draft team members for our first valley meetup at The Rec Room on June 19th featuring Jim Uhls, screenwriter of  Fight Club.

The meetup starts at 7:00pm with mingling and networking with fellow screenwriters and filmmakers and a Q&A at 8pm. After the meetup, The Rec Room will screen Jim’s Fight Club which you can enjoy with the audio in the front room or play Action Trivia in the main bar with fun Fight Club themed questions! 

Final Draft, Inc. is offering this special event to you free of charge. Don’t miss out and join us for good food, good fun and good movies! 


JIM UHLS wrote Fight Club, with Brad Pitt and Edward Norton, directed by David Fincher; Jumper, directed by Doug Limon; and the NBC television film, Semper Fi, produced by Steven Spielberg. He is currently working on a new feature screen adaptation of The Destroyer novel series for Shane Black, Chuck Roven and Steve Chasman.  He is also developing an online social video game, Phantasm.  A playwright as well, Jim has had his play, The Relative Importance of Jeri produced in New York, as well as numerous plays produced in Los Angeles, including Collections of a Long-Distance Garbageman.  Several of his unproduced screenplays, still on deck for possible forward movement, include Last Train to Memphis, Pagan Babies and Hard Hearts.

Click here to RSVP for this killer event.


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