Professional Email Etiquette

READ THIS to know how what you write in emails COULD COME ACROSS THE WRONG WAY because of a simple CAPS LOCK. Or a simple greeting like Hello! or a simple reply of Yes! or No! can be misread by an improper use of punctuation. Replying to a simple invitation to go for coffee with a No! would indicate to the inviter that not only might you despise coffee but also them, in general.

New Media Communications

Have you ever received an email that is written in a non-professional tone?  To be honest, it’s hard to take that email serious if it isn’t written with professional etiquette.  Here is what employers say about writing professional etiquette emails.

1. No professional email address, no job for you. 

  • Lilragamuffin@ and workhardforthe$@ just doesn’t work.  Literally, they probably aren’t working if they’re using that email address.
  • Brand your email address after your name or your website.
  • What does your email say about you?

2. Make sure your name populates when sending an email from your phone. 

Gmail Email Did Gmail really email today?

3. No signature or no name.  Employers response….DELETE.  

  • Employers need to know:  Your Name, Title, Contact Info                  
  • Don’t forget to add a signature to your response email settings too.

No Signature “Thank you for your email.  Who are you…

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