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10 Best Final Cut Pro X Tutorial and Training Websites

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10 Best Final Cut Pro X Tutorial and Training Websites

Final Cut Pro X

From extensive FCPX training classes to active forums and weekly podcasts, we’ve rounded up the the best online FCPX tutorial and training resources for video editors. Pick up new FCPX tips, meet other pro editors and give back to the online post production community by sharing your own FCPX knowledge.

Be sure to check out the Premiumbeat blog, as we frequently update it with useful Final Cut Pro X tutorials and news. Our bloggers are all post production professionals whose post production knowledge comes from real-world experience. Among our popular FCPX posts is a list of free effects, filters and templates, as well as 10 handy color correction tutorials for FCPXSee all of our Final Cut Pro X tutorials here.

In no particular order, our list of 10 online resources for FCPX tutorials, tips…

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