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And now for a taste of Mandatory Fun

o-WEIRD-AL-WORD-CRIMES-facebookGrammar.  No, it’s not the shrink from Cheers and Frasier.  That’s Kelsey GRAMMER.

Grammar is the backbone of a creative writer.  The single most powerful weapon in their arsenal.

Why?  Because no amount of creativity can overcome lacking proper grammar.

Want your script read past the first few pages?  Check your grammar.  Otherwise, you fall victim to the most common cause of scripts getting rejected.

This video nails the frustration readers feel daily.  And as it is so beautifully portrayed in the video, it starts way before the script.  The letters sent.  Emails.  Texts.  If you’re expecting a professional to receive your hastily cobbled together messages with the same patience as a friend… Do I honestly have to finish that sentence?

Take a few minutes and enjoy some Word Crimes.


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