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Fantastic Writer’s Residency Opportunity for Women

cottage (Tom Marks)_web2Writer’s Residencies are some of the greatest gifts a writer can attain toward the actual act of writing.

Hedgebrook up in Seattle is offering an amazing opportunity for female writers.

Imagine spending your days isolated in a cabin in the woods, able to write the whole day long.  And then, at night, convene with other writers over a tasty meal as you discus each others work from the day.

That, in a nutshell, is the Hedgebrook Writer’s Residency.  And application for their 2015 season is open now.  But hurry, it closes on September 5th.

If you are a woman from anywhere that seeks to further your writing, this is a must apply.

Click here to start down that tree-lined path to your future cabin in the woods residency.


2 thoughts on “Fantastic Writer’s Residency Opportunity for Women”

    1. My apologies regarding the date. I’d still advise reaching out to them if there is interest. Even if it can’t be accommodated for this year, you’ll be in line for the next.

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