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What the Students Are Struggling With – And What I Tell Them

FullSail2014_5Last week, we had the honor of hosting Jenny Yerrick Martin & Toni Purry here on campus.  Creators of, Breaking Into The Biz and the upcoming LA Orientation on top of their demanding day jobs at New Regency and Purry Communications Group.

It was a pleasure bringing them down as they took in our campus, visited with staff and students and wrapped the day with an informative presentation.

Next on their agenda is a great seminar they’re holding in LA next month called the Los Angeles Entertainment Industry Orientation.  It’ll cover all the bases for those of you new or planning to move to LA and work in the industry.  You can get more info on it here.

Since returning, Jenny was able to reflect on her time here and speak about what she got from our students and, in turn, what she gave back.  Her breadth of knowledge on the subject of our industry is vast.  Luckily, her giving nature allows everyone to gain from this knowledge and experience.  Check out what she has to say.


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