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Five errors that immediately get your resume rejected at Google

papers-on-table…And just about anywhere else, for that matter.

This is part two of our Multi Monday articles.  Focus this week coming from Laszlo Bock, Chief People Officer at Google regarding resumes.

I urge… no, beg that my students and grads soak this article in deeply before submitting your resume to us.  Hopefully, for many of you, this is common knowledge.  But if it’s not, it must be.  Because how and what you approach us with here at Career Development is generally the same delivery portrayed to employers.  Not just resumes, but the way you present yourself through your calls, emails and meetings.

Here at Career Development, we want to see you succeed.  And the manner with which you communicate is indicative to an employer of how you would deliver as a possible employee.  Best foot forward.

And one of the key starting points to any professional relationship is the resume.  Make sure you put out only the most polished of documents.  Especially as a writer because your resume also will be viewed by employers unofficially as your first writing sample.

Click here to make sure these five errors are avoided from the get go in regards to your resume.


2 thoughts on “Five errors that immediately get your resume rejected at Google”

  1. ?Hi Reid,

    I love Kismet. It just so happens I am doing a class on resumes and cover letters next week. Do you mind if I reference this material?




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