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Wonder why your LinkedIn invitation isn’t getting accepted?

LinkedIn-accept-connection-300x225Acceptance.  We all yearn for it.

Now, in our social media society, we can get it way too often.

And it kind of spoils us to assume that anyone would be lucky to have us as a connection.

On Twitter, anyone has a free pass to connect with a follow.  On Facebook, it can kind of be like a house party at 1am where inhibitions have dropped so far that, “Sure, what the heck.  I’ll be yer friend!”

But on LinkedIn, like professional society, there is no free pass or party mentality.  Professionals connect only with those they either know or who have approached them with intelligence and proper etiquette.

This executive has written an insightful article into the mindset of those you may be trying to connect with on LinkedIn.  Why they accept or why they decline.  Click here to learn ways to gain the professional acceptance you seek.


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