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How To Fail An Interview Before You Open Your Mouth

1774c9eYes, Lady Tobacco-Breath will probably not be impressing in her interview.  Nor Sir Sports-Jersey-Cargo.  Or Queen Exposes-Too-Much.  Or even King Cocky-Even-When-Late.

Yes, there are so many ways to make an ill-fated first impression.

There are days here at Career Development where we see such examples walking in for appointments.  Late.  Unkempt.  Uncaring.  Dressed to regress rather than impress.

As a professional department, we urge our grads to exhibit the same level of professionalism with us that they will with employers.

I’ve always said that professionalism is thinking every person you meet should be given the respect in appearance and manner that you would exhibit if you were to land a date with your High School Crush.

Here’s a good article about certain mistakes one should avoid.  Eventually, these should be common sense for you.


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