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Congrats to Creative Writing grad, Gonzalo Ravelo

Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 12.00.54 PMHere’s a great example of drive and persistence.

Recent graduate, Gonzalo Ravelo, came in early to meet as he was truly driven to get his career going.  His determination was not only seen but felt by us here and nothing pleases us more than when it pays off.  And in Gonzalo’s case, like most that find their footing, it didn’t land in his lap.  Whether through us or on his own, Gonzalo put himself out there for anything and everything that he found he could contribute to.  Freelance opportunities, internships and more.

Then when this lead came across our desk, he was eager to apply.  It may have only started as a news translation internship, but that same determination he showed us obviously was evident around WFTV, as well.

Congratulations Gonzalo.  We look forward to reading and seeing much more from you in the future.


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