LA Grads: Breaking into the Biz Workshop starts this weekend


A trusted friend and source for your CDCW, Jenny Yerrick Martin, is about to host her next Breaking Into The Biz workshop starting this weekend.  Her insights help work in collaboration with us here in CDCW to further help push you toward your goals of entry into the heavily guarded gates of the Entertainment Industry.

Obviously, we are already here to do that for you.  But if you’re hungry seeking every angle towards attaining your goal, leave no stone unturned.  And there’s plenty to gain under this stone.

Breaking into the Biz Workshop
Saturday Feb 7th & Saturday 14th from 9am to 1pm

Are you a new grad winging it through your job hunt and wishing you knew how to do it “the right way”? Or are already in a job, recognizing that it isn’t going to take you where you want to go in the industry and wondering what you can do about it? Help has arrived!

In the “Breaking Into the Biz” Workshop, you will clarify your entertainment career goals and dreams and chart a path to get there, identify a first step (or next step) so you are headed in the right direction, make your résumé a polished, targeted marketing tool, and get a master class in conducting an entertainment job hunt.

Led by Jenny Yerrick Martin, a veteran entertainment hiring executive, creator of YourIndustryInsider.com, and author of “Breaking Into the Biz: The Insider’s Guide to Launching an Entertainment Industry Career,” this workshop will get you focused, confident, and ready to land the job!

Sign up through Eventbrite by clicking here!


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