Career Advice

Dealing with rejection during the job search

B630uroCAAMD6INPersonally, I welcome rejection letters since it means the company considered me enough to make the effort to respond to my inquiry.  Much more often today, companies just leave you hanging.

None the less, the rejections never feel good.  At least initially.

Amanda Augustine, a well cited source on the job hunt, posted a great article about this with a very intriguing lead.

Apparently a writer was rejected for an editorial position.  But instead of just accepting it, she replied in a unique fashion.  Which is truly outstanding, though risky.  All good.  But then she posted it on her twitter feed.  Amanda points out how that action may have pasted a big red flag on this writer to other companies down the line.

Check out this article to see that while rejection is inevitable in a job search, how we handle it can turn a frown upside down.



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