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Elmore Leonard’s 10 Rules Of Writing

collage-of-elmore-leonard-booksLast May, we posted this in another post but feel that it’s too good not to bring to the fore again.

Many authors have made their imprint on society with their works.  Some with a singular work that resonates.  Others with a handful that make their mark.  But few offer the breadth of their work as necessary across the board.

Elmore Leonard was one such author.

His works cross genres though there is a consistency to the subject matter: the underbelly of society.  He always made us understand and empathize with such characters, no matter how foreign they were to us.  And that appeal has led countless directors and writers to portray these worlds on screen.  More than twenty of his novels have been made into feature films and TV shows.

How does he do it?  Through constantly honing his work so that the reader never feels like they’re actually reading.  His overall rule that encompasses this top 10 sums him up perfectly (and your Rewrite instructors are gonna love this):

If it sounds like writing, I rewrite it.”

Wanna see what he means?  Click here and find out.


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