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The Priceless Opportunity of Your First Screenplay Assignment Job…

xAdaptationMarkS1.jpg.pagespeed.ic.pRd99L4VvN“Yes, specs are necessary to gain experience writing and to showcase your ability, but the reality is that most of your specs will not sell and you might have to write a half dozen or more before one might secure you a coveted assignment job.”

These sage words come from a writer who’s been there and he goes into great depth about the steps you might encounter.  But this is also no guarantee of some “magic formula”.  Don’t want to start hearing grads telling me they’ve just completed their sixth screenplay “so show me the money!”

Today there is even more importance on showing the ability to “work well with others” in a room than talent itself.  Sure, producers seek out that special voice.  But there’s usually more than one special voice out there.  And the one who’s more agreeable with the producers over time generally gets the call.

Some might say I’m putting the cart before the horse with this article.  But it’s better to know what you might be getting into rather than only seeing the pie in the sky.

Click here to see how the crust is truly formed with assignment work.


2 thoughts on “The Priceless Opportunity of Your First Screenplay Assignment Job…”

  1. From my own personal experience, writers often have the vision of the red carpets before they do more than create a logline. Those are the ones who become discouraged and badmouth others when their work is not accepted. Those who do succeed have the mindset of taking a step back, when rejected, determining why and making the change. Most people don’t do that because it’s more painful than dropping it and moving on. This is the real reason the vast majority quit before acceptance.

  2. Quite true. But don’t forget the importance of networking. Notice I didn’t say talent there. The networking gets somebody their break. Once in, the talent & continued drive keeps them in the game.

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