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Meryl Streep Funds Lab for Women Screenwriters Over 40

detail.0c149f9eIt’s often been said that writing in Hollywood is dominated by young men.  And thus we get far too many under-written movies like any Transformer “epic” with stellar lines like “Take out your guns and shoot them!” or “I’m literally going to kill you.” or “Bro’s before…” I’m stopping that last line in it’s tracks as I assume you get the picture.

So where are the experienced voices?  Where is the chance for a little less testosterone and a bit more intelligence and heart? Meryl Streep to the rescue!  I mean, seriously, is it even a surprise that this acting superlative would be good looking out for you?

Starting May 1st, Women In Film in New York will be opening up application for their new mentorship lab specifically for female writers over the age of 40.

Click here to learn more about her announcement of The Writer’s Lab.


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