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A whole new toybox for video game writers to show off their mods through

c7a73aa6b0026d91b91e3653e9737126A short while ago, Grand Theft Auto V finally hit the PC market and the mods are flying fast and furious.

Mods? Those grads looking to get into game writing already know what I’m talking about.  Mods are the best showpiece for breaking into the video game industry.

So far, Skyrim has been the best engine for showcasing Game Writing ability with the ability to create dialogue in their mods.  But GTA V may very well open up a whole new level of creativity to showcase.

Early on, we’re getting crazy mods going viral like the one you see pictured.  Merfish has created this hilarious (unless you are a WWF sorta folk) mod of a whale dropping in all over the city.

It made the Yahoo splash page and has so far been viewed over 300,000 times in 3 days.  Think game companies are knocking on his door?

Check out what some creativity can do for your hiring potential.


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