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Heads up Video Game Writers: It’s a Mod, Mod, Mod, Mod World

falskaar 1In the new frontier of Video Game Writing, it takes more than a script to truly get noticed.  It takes modding.

And when it comes to showcasing your writing skills, arguably there is no better game to mod than Skyrim.  With the ability to create dialogue, it is a writer’s best option.

Then there are designers like Alexander Velicky who took a year to develop what is arguably Skyrim’s densest mod, Falskaar. It’s complete with it own brand new soundtrack of 40 minutes of newly composed music and dialogue performed by dozens of actors.

And it was made with the intent of one unique job application for Bethesda Games.

Well, Bethesda acknowledged it by giving him advice.  But never offered him a job.

Then Bungie came a calling.  And swooped him up to work on Destiny.

Goes to show that if you showcase your talents, employers will notice.  Also shows that it might not be the company you primarily focus on that normally scoops you up. But if you open up your search, you never know who might show interest.


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