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ScriptXpert Script Search: Eyestorm Productions

scriptxpert-first-look-product-header-eyestormGot a head’s up a few minutes ago that I was compelled to put up.

First off, I generally stay away from suggesting anything that requires a fee unless it could prove beneficial.

By beneficial, I don’t just mean a chance at consideration in any contest or such.  I mean that your hard earned funds will get you a return on investment immediately with further potential beyond.  The prior post regarding ScriptFest was due to the potential it offers for a writer along with the great education from the likes of trusted names like Lee Jessup, Chris Soth and more.  Not to mention a Pitchfest and networking opportunities.

This post is in regards to a unique way to seek out new writers.  Scriptxpert is a team of script readers well established within the industry who offer their reader services to writers via The Writer’s Store.  What they have done is to team up with production companies who are seeking scripts and offer their reader services.  The one caveat is that you will pay a moderate script reading fee in order to be put in consideration.  And I will normally tell any writer than if they have to pay to get their script considered by a company, don’t do it.  Scam.  No legitimate company would do this.  But this is different in that you are actually paying for coverage of your script plus the chance it may get put in for consideration by a production company.  Bonus potential beyond.

Standard script coverage services normally can run anywhere from $100 to $300 and up.  Here, you’re paying $50 for coverage (abridged) to get a gauge on your writing and then are in consideration with Eyestorm Productions.

You can get all the details here.  But act on it now because it will only be available this month.


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