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Reassuring Life Advice For Struggling Artists from “Mad Men” Creator Matthew Weiner

3045082-inline-i-2-mad-men-creator-matthew-weiners-reassuring-life-advice-for-struggling-artisWhether you are a fan of Mad Men or not (I fall in the latter), every writer could learn a lot from it’s creator, Matthew Weiner.

Around the industry, his tales of struggle are legend.  Executives even boast about rejecting his work to be a part of this folklore like ET before him.

This article tells in fine detail about his journey from the source.  And his advice for writers cannot be heeded enough.

One point he touches on is about writing EVERY DAY.  It’s very similar to a great quote from Fight Club author, Chuck Palahniuk, who said:

“I made myself a bargain that every day I had to write at least one really good sentence. Because if I could just do a tiny bit more in my day, other than just pay the bills…it would eventually add up to a book.” 

Truth is, no matter how busy or removed you are from our writing comfort zone, you can always write something everyday.  Whether it’s on your phone waiting for the subway or on a cocktail napkin while waiting for someone to arrive or even on palm fronds when Wilson isn’t talking to you, you CAN write.

Enough pep talk.  Go and check out the article.


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