How to Ask for a Letter of Recommendation

letterof-recYou’ve applied for a job.  The company contacted you back.  Sweet!

Wait, they want more?  Recommendation letters?  How many?!

Don’t worry if you’ve felt this way.  Many get that deer-in-headlights looks too when first asked.

(By the way, if you hadn’t already deduced it, the letter you see above is exactly what you do NOT want in a recommendation letter.)

Here at Career Development, we’ve prepared you with resumes, cover letters, online portfolios and more.  But what about recommendation letters?  This isn’t as common, though required on jobs requiring more thorough checks of one’s background.

The key to them is preparation and approach.  Not only targeting the appropriate individuals, but being forthright and communicating with them before bringing them up to potential employers.

Daren Brabham, an instructor at USC, has written a very well thought out approach to such a subject that requires more sensitivity than you might think. You can read it here.


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