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Is A Summary Necessary On A Resume?

resume-summary-necessaryRecently, the subject came up about starting your resume off with a summary, profile, objective or such.

While almost all employers agree that objectives are a resume killer today, some singular employers may point out a summary instead.  There are two answers to this:

Yes, if you are a professional with such a wealth of experience in your field of application that the summary can help reduce your resume down to a glancable state.  But if you are starting out or even a few years into your profession, keep these obstructions to an employers glance off of your resume.

Remember they view resumes like billboards on a freeway.  And summaries, profiles, objectives and such are like you placed a speed bump down smack in the middle of that freeway.  Not only is that gonna tick them off.  They’re gonna probably steer clear of that freeway/resume for the foreseeable future.

As a Career Advisor, my intention working with grads is to help mold resumes that will appeal to the most readers, not a scant few.

Check out LinkedIn Influencer J.T. O’Donnell’s take on summaries and the modern reality of resume views.


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