Career Advice

5 Things to Leave Off Your Resume

Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 6.05.36 PMHere’s our 978th article on resumes.  ‘Cause you can never get enough advice on resumes.  Just like I can never get enough Star Wars action figures.  Priorities.

But normally they’re advising what goes into a résumé.  This time, let’s read about what doesn’t go in a résumé.

The A number one in our book: PICTURES.  Talk about blind rejection bait.  Putting your picture on a résumé is like telling an employer, “They say a picture is worth a thousand words… in the lawsuit I’ll file against you if I’m not hired after interviewing me.”  Today’s companies have legal departments that tell them about how to avoid being sued for not hiring somebody.  And the easiest indicator on a résumé that it will never make it to an interview (because you can’t sue if you don’t get interviewed)? Yup, pictures. So don’t give an employer any cause to reject your résumé on sight.  Make it bulletproof.

Here’s five more things to avoid on your résumé. Number 5 is so true today.


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