Sci-fi Writer ANDY WEIR shares Research Tips

The Martian, by Andrew Weir

The Martian | Andrew Weir | Quote

Andy Weir’s science fiction thriller, The Martian, tells a pulse-pounding, page-turning story, grounded in scientific research and smart information seamlessly woven into an entertaining tale. Weir tells how he did it and offers some advice.

Andy Weir:  “Thanks to our modern era, facts are incredibly easy to come by. A few web searches for your subject matter and you have all the information you could dream of…

So that makes researching a novel easy, right? No. Not really. As I learned while working on The Martian. The first problem you run into is…”  

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What Does a Literary Agent Want to See When They Google You

July 31, 2013 By Chuck Sambuchino 267 Comments
What does a literary agent want to see when they google you?
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If you attract an agent’s interest and they want to know more, Google is their next step. An agent typically investigates a client before offering them representation, understandably. If you’re pitching nonfiction and touting a writer platform to help sell books, then a Google peek becomes even more important.

But don’t take my word for it. I asked agents themselves how they use Google, and what they’re looking for when they do. Here are their responses: Continue reading