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Networking Essentials


Make Your Mark! With thoughtful preparation and research, you are sure to make any networking event a huge success. Here are tips to maximize networking opportunities:



  • Identify your goal for this event
  • Update all aspects of your social media
  • Update/print multiple copies of your resume
  • Review and prep your portfolio
  • Rehearse your elevator pitch


Take time to research the companies and people who will be attending

  • What is their focus?
  • What is the company history?
  • What are their projects?
  • Who are their clients?
  • What is their company culture?


  • What are your transferrable skills?
  • How does your passion align with their culture and goals?
  • How can you and your brand stand out?

networking images




  • Dress in clothing that exudes confidence and respect
  • Arrive 10 minutes early
  • Bring resumes tailored to the companies attending (and a few extras)
  • Bring your portfolio


  • Everyone is a potential contact
  • Use your research to initiate genuine conversation
  • Listen with intent and curiosity
  • Firm handshake
  • Focused eye contact
  • Smile!
  • Remember to ask for a business card
  • Make a list/notes RE: who you meet

power of authenticity.png



  • Followup within 1-2 business days
  • Send a personalized email
  • Connect on Linked In
  • Engage on social media
  • Monitor company updates and hiring opportunities
  • Stay in touch periodically

Expand Your Network

  • Find additional networking opportunities
  • Practice networking
  • By attending networking events on a regular basis, you will gain greater confidence, stronger networking skills and increase your connections.


If you would like assistance with your resume, practicing mock interviews, or creating a career strategy, contact your Career Advisor for an appointment at 800-757-1505. We look forward to connecting with you.


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